For the Family

Christian Storybooks as told from the heart of a child.

As parents we know the importance of sharing and building a close relationship with our children.  A bond that lasts and a bond that's profound comes from the love and the nurture parents pour into the hearts and lives of their children each and everyday.  

Reading to and communicating with our children is a great way to build trust, give hope and bestows a special and unique kind of peace into their lives.  Demonstrating and displaying a constant show of love for our children through hand holding, hugging and with lots and lots of kisses and being the best possible parents we can be, tells and gives our children a real sense of what real love is all about.  

Color the Son Christian Storybooks for the Family have been created, designed and written to help families to fill their chests with treasures that lasts a lifetime; memories;  memories that will help children to build a sound and solid foundation for their futures.  

Our storybooks are sweet; they are precious tales that are as precious as our children.  We believe that we have written what we believe children feel in their hearts for their mommys and daddys.  We have put in writing, love, hope, peace and joy for every mommy, daddy, girl and boy!
Blessings flow from the Light that illuminates the earth and in our hearts forever flowing within our spirits.  I thank God for the Light that lives and for the love and mercy that provides and supplies all of our needs according to His riches in glory.  

The power of praising His Holy Name is the strength, and the joy that comes from our relationship with the Father.  To praise Him is to love Him and bless Him.  

The power of prayer is the hope and substance of believing and trusting, by faith in Jesus Christ, and the blood He shed on our behalf for all that we desire.

Delight yourself also in the Lord and He shall give you the desires of your heart.  Commit thy way unto the Lord, trust also in Him and He shall bring it to pass.

The Hem of His Garment
Is like a Treasure Chest of Gold
What's stored inside
The eye cannot behold
The Hem is laced
With a bright shining light
Miracles and parables
Gifts for my life
Healing is stored
For the lame and the blind
And for an issue of blood
To ease a woman's mind
The Hem of His Garment
More precious than gold
Where faith and inspiration seeps
Into the believer's soul.

Written by ©Cynthia G. Boyer

I could not bare to see Him leave
Unto His garment I would cleave.
He had to go, this I know
I also knew I'd miss Him so.
He could not leave me all alone
So He prayed to the Father
Before He ascended to the Throne
He sent me a Helper
On who I could depend
A Comforter and Divine Aid
A merciful Friend
Forever and ever, always He abides 
A gift of love who is 
Always eternally right by my side.
Thank You, Jesus
For loving me
Truly, sincerely, and unconditionally. 

Happy Mother's Day

Growing up in the City of Philadelphia I had the most wonderful and awesome childhood.  My parents were amazing.  My mother, Mary Travick, along with my father, Vernon Travick, were/is the apple of my eye and I love them more than words could ever say.  There is no an adjective in the dictionary to describe how much I adore and love my parents.

I can remember my mother cooking and making the most delicious meals in the world.  The nutrition that was stored in every meal was the treasure that helped to keep me healthy.  I remember my mother taking my sister and me to Lit Brothers to see the Enchanted Village at Christmastime and Easter time she would always take us to buy new Easter outfits; everything brand spanking new all the way down to the crimbling slip!

We use to shop at Lord and Taylor long before she began her career there.  She bought us the best quality clothes and shoes!  Our Rothschild coats were simply beautiful; my mother had great taste in clothes and shoes.  I guess that's why I have a love for shoes.  When we came home from school, my mother made sure that there was no noise, tv's/radios to distract us from doing our homework; she made sure that the house was in total silence so that we could do our homework and focus on studying in an effort to make and maintain good grades and I always did.

She used to take us to the Latin Casino to see all of the Motown Recording Artists including the Supremes, the Temptations, the Four Tops and more!!!  After each show my mother would take us back stage to meet the celebrities.  How was she able to do that you might ask?  My mother's cousin is Berry Gordy, Founder and President of Motown Records.  I also remember my mother taking me to Detroit, Michigan.  When we got there she took my sister and me to Motown Records where I met the Jackson Five.  They were in the studio recording "I Want You Back".  She then took us to Marvin Gaye's house!!! What an unforgettable joy and experience that was.  She also took us to the Uptown to see  Smokey Robinson and the Miracles.  We met Smokey and he was so nice.

When my father died in 2001, my heart broke for my mother; her life has never been the same it seems.  They were married 52 years.  I can only imagine what she must feel, but she has been hanging in there and though some days she doesn't feel well, she is still here with us and I thank God for her presence.

I could go on and on forever and forever talking about my mother and how she nourished me with her love.  My oh my what a mother she is.  She is my strength and everything that is special to me.  God has truly blessed me with a woman whose spirit is pure love and compassion.

I thank You, Lord God, for Your mercy and for Your unconditional love.

Happy Mother's Mommy, I love you more than you'll ever know.

Platinum President, Ardyss International

Mrs. Erika Hampton-McQueen

Erika says, "Don't be envious; be inspired!" 

This is my cousin, the beautiful and so very lovely, Mrs. Erika Hampton-McQueen.
Erika has always been a real and true go-getter.  It's in her blood.  
Her gifts from God include, a beautiful singing voice, sincerity and a true motivational speaker and saleswoman unlike any other because she doesn't beat you up or harass you to join her company; that's why she's the Platinum President of Ardyss International!

When I spoke with Erika about this phenomenal opportunity, she was just Erika; sincere and straight forward.  I love that about her.  As a matter-of-fact, that's what everyone loves about Erika!  Here's her story.  

Erika McQueen is the second Platinum President in the English Market with Ardyss International, a health and wellness company focusing on the research and development of reshaping products, skin care, and nutritional supplements. McQueen has had a vested interest in improving the well being of others, whether it’s financially, emotionally, or physically, for several years as an image consultant and motivational speaker.  

I ask that you please join me as I follow Erika on her Spirit-Led journey!

Since starting with Ardyss I have seen my entire life change for the better.  I have eliminated my debts and now I have a business I love that provides me with massive income potential and gives me more time to do the things that want to do. 
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