For the Family

Christian Storybooks as told from the heart of a child.

As parents we know the importance of sharing and building a close relationship with our children.  A bond that lasts and a bond that's profound comes from the love and the nurture parents pour into the hearts and lives of their children each and everyday.  

Reading to and communicating with our children is a great way to build trust, give hope and bestows a special and unique kind of peace into their lives.  Demonstrating and displaying a constant show of love for our children through hand holding, hugging and with lots and lots of kisses and being the best possible parents we can be, tells and gives our children a real sense of what real love is all about.  

Color the Son Christian Storybooks for the Family have been created, designed and written to help families to fill their chests with treasures that lasts a lifetime; memories;  memories that will help children to build a sound and solid foundation for their futures.  

Our storybooks are sweet; they are precious tales that are as precious as our children.  We believe that we have written what we believe children feel in their hearts for their mommys and daddys.  We have put in writing, love, hope, peace and joy for every mommy, daddy, girl and boy!

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