O magnify the Lord with me and let us exalt his name together.  Psalm 34:3

Another new day given as a precious gift from the Lord thy God.  Let us gather hearts and hands to give glory, honor and praise to our Father in Heaven for His blessings of provision, grace, merciful kindness and compassion. 

When I woke up in the early morning hour of 6:00 am, on my tongue were praises that my heart sang to the Lord from, in and through my spirit to give thanks to Him for awakening me to another day of life for His glory. 

On and in this day, I am believing and trusting God for His faithfulness.  I am so grateful to God for His promises, His strength, His power, His blessings bestowed upon me continually and for the Light that shines in my life. 

On this day, I pledge to help my Sisters, who may be in need of guidance, direction or some form of help in whatever area of life they may be in need of. 

Sisters, Jesus said abide in Him as He abides in us; keep His commandments to love one another and in that love you will find help, understanding, peace and an abundance of all that you need to live a happy life!


Jesus is my Everything!

Looking Good from the Heart

My daughter graduated from college in Washington, D.C. last weekend.  I had my hair in beautiful curls, but because it rain (the graduation was held outside), my curls fell and I pulled it back in a ponytail.  I didn't wear any makeup because I never wear makeup, but maybe I should have for this very special occasion and I say this only because my cousin just informed me that I looked so bad, that she didn't even recognize me.  What she didn't know when she first saw my picture that I had spent the evening in the E.R. the night before my daughter's graduation because I had gotten ammonia in both eyes as I was spring cleaning.  The chemical reaction was horrible and affected my eyes terribly.  My eyes were burning violently and my eyes felt like they had foreign objects and trash in them which is a result from the ammonia.  I didn't want to wear a foundation or anything that would make my eyes burn more or cause them to react to the makeup. 

My cousin said she could not believe my hair and I wore no makeup, but what I think she fails to realize is that what's in my heart is what really matters to God; not how beautiful or ugly I look.  My feelings were crushed to say the least, but my children reassured me that I should not worry about the things people say about me and they are right, but they are my children and they think I look beautiful no matter how badly I make look on the outside. 

I know that God loves me, my husband loves me and my children love me and that's all that matters.  I hope this post will be a blessing to a sister who may be feeling the same way that I felt for a short lived period of time.

All praises to God.

Be blessed Sisters!

The Tomb

At the door of the sepulchre
I kneeled down to pray
On the other side of the stone
Is where my Savior lay.

Sleeping peacefully in the tomb
To rest His stripes and open wounds
I longed to enter this Spirit-filled room.

Patiently I waited for the stone to roll away
But sleep encompassed me
On that Third day
Falling upon me in a comatose way.

As silence melted into the land
Quietly I lay in the Master's hand.

When I was awakened
To the dawn of the day
The door of the sepulchre
Had been rolled away.

Two angels graced my presence
They took me by the hand
And led me into the tomb
To witness the glory
Of the Father's Plan.

A sweet odor of spices
Filled this empty room
And a fine linen napkin
Lay in the sepulchre
In the stillness of the tomb.

At that very moment
I knew I had been given
A new Spirit-filled life
By the rising of the Son
Jesus Christ.

Written by © Cynthia Gale Boyer, 2011

Believe T-Shirts

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Sister, Sister

Honoring God through the gifts He has given me has become a part of my life and I love to share bringing glory to God with my Sisters in Christ.  As I live for the Lord, I obey Him and I serve Him and so it is that I love using the gifts and talents through His infinite wisdom and great power that He has generously and graciously bestowed upon me.  I praise God for His faithfulness in my life and I share with you the beautiful gifts He has presented to me.

I am a writer of real life short stories and lovely Christ-centered poetry that helps to keep me walking in the center of His will for my life.  I am also a creative and inspirational graphic designer, a typist and transcriptionist, but my first love in all of my vocations is writing and designing.

It is my hope that you will enjoy my Christ inspired portfolio that has been lovingly created to give God glory.  Thank you.