Sisters Blessing Sisters is here to help you to find your path, your avenue to whatever it is you may be in search.  

Looking back over my life the past 10 years, I realize that I have been through so much that I could really write a book.  Perhaps it could touch a life or bless someone who may be in the midst of enduring a trial or a tribulation.

When I lost my father almost ten years, I truly lost a part of my heart.  He was a man of great depth and love.  Not long after my father passed away, I lost my job as program coordinator at a local hospital.  I really enjoyed that job because it was different from any other job I ever had.  It was challenging in terms of the work itself and the people; the people, I do believe, were more of a challenge than my daily duties.  This path was lonely because no one seemed to understand what I was going through or they simply chose to close their ears to my voice.  I had to endure this torment for the lesson that had been planned for me to learn and I learned a lot for which I am truly and highly grateful.

There was an older lady that I worked with who just refused to train me for my position when I got the promotion.  This woman was not a creation of the Lord.  This lady did things that Ithink the enemy could not even dream of doing.  There's not an adjective to describe this lady and unfortunately for me. I was forced to deal with her for eleven years.  I remember my skin breaking out horribly because of the stress that I was under and I've always had beautiful skin. This lady had no conscience because she was not human.  I lived a nightmare in that department for what seemed like an eternity.  Every single solitary time I asked this lady for help in terms of doing my job, she would say, "learn on your own".  The people who worked at the hospital were afraid of her because she really was a monster.  She was the worse person I have ever met in my entire life.  I could write this entire post about the horrific things that she did to people, but this post is about all the things that I have endured through God's grace, His merciful kindness and the path I have taken to the place where I am now.  

After this lady retired, I got a promotion; her job.  Short lived that's for sure.  Another lady came in; she had an M.D. behind her name, was super hungry for power and got rid of me and my boss not long after she had stepped foot in the office door.  You know the story; new regime gets ready of the old regime.  However, I was relieved and elated, at the same time, to be out of that unhealthy environment.  I was at home with my family and I loved it.  

I had an idea as to what I wanted to do with my life, but I wasn't exactly sure.  I was an outstanding typist and transcriptionist and thought about starting a home business typing and that's what I've done, but I've always longed to do something greater than this for the Lord, my family and for other people.  

I started Sisters Blessing Sisters to enlighten the lives of my sisters in Christ Jesus.  Unfortunately, this has not moved to the level that I had hoped.  Most people are out to find how they can improve their own lives financially and any other way they deem necessary, but my heart wants to bless those women who are looking to enhance and improve their lives.  I've started Helping Moms Make Ends Meet and now, Girlfriends Glorifying God.  God is great and I want to do great things for Him; to honor Him.  It took me years to understand and realize that the path and the journey in my life is the path that God has devised for me and not me myself and that doing His will, regardless of what His will is all that matters in my life.  I could type and transcribe all day long, and make great money doing it, but if it is not God's will for my life, it is all in vain.

I sure hope you'll join me on this journey, this mission that I am undertaking.  It is larger than life and I hope you'll say yes sisters.

I then began to embark on a whole new world and we all know that there is an enormous world out there which is to say that anyone can do anything they want to do using the talents and gifts given to them by God the Father.

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