The Tomb

At the door of the sepulchre
I kneeled down to pray
On the other side of the stone
Is where my Savior lay.

Sleeping peacefully in the tomb
To rest His stripes and open wounds
I longed to enter this Spirit-filled room.

Patiently I waited for the stone to roll away
But sleep encompassed me
On that Third day
Falling upon me in a comatose way.

As silence melted into the land
Quietly I lay in the Master's hand.

When I was awakened
To the dawn of the day
The door of the sepulchre
Had been rolled away.

Two angels graced my presence
They took me by the hand
And led me into the tomb
To witness the glory
Of the Father's Plan.

A sweet odor of spices
Filled this empty room
And a fine linen napkin
Lay in the sepulchre
In the stillness of the tomb.

At that very moment
I knew I had been given
A new Spirit-filled life
By the rising of the Son
Jesus Christ.

Written by © Cynthia Gale Boyer, 2011

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