During last week's sermon, Dr. Stanley talked about God's will for his life.  It was a very moving story that touched me deeply.  When I drove my son to the bus on Wednesday morning, I walked in the house, sat down in the living room and spoke to God.  I asked Him to show me His will about something very profound in my life.  I asked Him to show me a sign; I asked Him to send a Cardinal to my backyard.  Well, when I kneeled down to pray, I didn't pray long because of my inquities; the Holy Spirit then spoke to me and said, go to the window and open the blinds.  I got up, walked over to the window and there I saw a Cardinal, bright and beautiful as day.  I wrote the poem below because I was amazed at God's awesome power that morning.

He'll move Heaven and earth

To show me His will

Silently I stand

He said, "Peace, be still".

All is quiet as I wait to hear

The plan from the Master

I lend Him my ear.

I'm sending you a sign

From the bright blue sky

Soaring like an eagle

Into your life he'll fly.

A beautiful Cardinal

Flaming like fire

Upon his wings

Your heart's desire.

What an awesome vision

For you to behold

You've witnessed my glory

My will for your life

Has now been told.

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