Sisters Blessing Sisters Introduces 

Cynthia Boyer

Gifted Graphic Designer

Cynthia Boyer is a self-taught graphic designer, but she takes no credit for what she does.  Self-taught is really just an expression that is used when one did not receive training from a higher institution or perhaps an institution that specializes in whatever field one has chosen as a career.  Cyndi had/has help from God's Holy Spirit.  It is a real gift that she is using to glorify the Lord thy God. 

Cyndi creates and designs her artwork for the Glory of the One she loves, her Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
Prompted, lead and guided by the Love and Light of the Holy Spirit, Cyndi's first love is her relationship with the Lord and her passion is graphic design.

Cyndi designs personalized keepsake treasures, home decor, church bulletins buttons, banners and she also creates unique designs for t-shirts.  Cyndi's designs can be used for just about any blank canvas.

If you'd like Cyndi to create something unique for that special occasion, your business or Mother's Day, please email Cyndi at or

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