The Waters

The springs flow into the valleys
That run among the hills
That can be heard from afar
When all else is still
They quench the thirst
Of man and beast
Falling quietly
A sense of peace

The waters run into the stream
Gently touching in my dream
The waters boast with strength and power
Evidence He reigns, God the Father
The waters are beauty
So crystal clear
I hear echoes of God's works
As I draw near

Traveling down to the depths of the sea
The Lord sheds grace
His waters full of mercy
His amazing love,
Unconditional for me.

The Lord is wonderful
Sovereign and wise
He is the apple and fruit
Of my eyes.

I cry out, I praise You Lord
Yes, I cry out, the stones and me
My feet sinking deeply in the sands of the sea
As I witness the Christ walking towards me.

©Written by the Holy Spirit & Cynthia G. Boyer

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