Qualita Pendergrass, Divine Inspiration Magazine!

I warmly introduce you to my dear Sister in Christ, Qualita Pendergrass, founder and owner of Divine Inspiration Magazine. 

This magazine is filled with the glory of the Lord.  It is a magazine designed to deliver daily inspiration, peace, joy and humility to all who open their hearts to receive the writings that can only be found in this phenemonal  magazine.  May God continue to bestow and pour an abundance of His blessings into the heart, mind and soul of Qualita.  She is truly a Child of God; you can see it in her countenance and you can be sure to hear it in her words for she speaks true love in every word she writes.

Qualita says:  I am a new-bie writer. I have always had a desire to write and now that I am retired from a healthcare profession I am fulfilling my dreams. I have a non-proft organization called Priscilla House Network. I am also a budding entrepreneur.

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